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Say Yes to the Data Mesh: Explore Multi-Model Data Collections and Stores At The Edge

With the Macrometa Global Data Mesh, you can use the data model that makes the most sense for your application. Learn how different types of data can be stored, accessed, and processed where it originates and/or where it is needed.

Expand Your Search Capabilities With The Macrometa Global Data Network  

Learn about the search capabilities in the Macrometa GDN. This first blog in the search patterns series provides a detailed classification overview and a step-by-step guide for exact value matching.

Fastly partners with Macrometa for [email protected] Partner Ecosystem

Build on Fastly [email protected] and stream in real-time on Macrometa’s Global Data Network (GDN)

Freeing the Database from Cages for Edge Data

Over the last few years the focus of enterprises has been on cloud computing, but increasingly the focus is shifting towards edge computing which provides benefit of low latency and real-time processing. But many real world edge applications require state to provide meaningful results whether that edge application is for:

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