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Has Macrometa Cracked the Code for Delivering Data Value?

Learn how the Macrometa Global Data Network architecture and the data mesh, edge compute, and data protection features deliver real-time data value. This blog is based on the recent Alex Woodie Datanami article where he interviewed Macrometa CEO, Chetan Venkatesh.

Calling all Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

Join Macrometa and friends for Developer Week Nov 7- 11 (online and async event) to build on the cutting edge. Learn about the Macrometa platform including new features, see cool demos, and view what's next on the roadmap. Find out more details on the agenda and sign up today!

How Retailers Can Drive Sales and Better Customer Experiences with Real-Time Inventory

Learn how a real-time, global view of inventory improves sales and customer experiences. Retailers can take advantage of the power of omnichannel experiences.

The Future of Retail Depends on Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Post-pandemic, retail shoppers demand a consistent omnichannel experience. Legacy retail management systems make it difficult to provide instant responses across all touch-points. The edge can deliver a real-time inventory view across all geographies with the Macrometa Global Data Network to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

Beyond Text Search: Exploring Advanced Search Capabilities With Macrometa

Learn more about the advanced search capabilities — range queries, faceted search, and geospatial search — of the Macrometa Global Data Network.

Advanced Text Search With Macrometa

View this tutorial about prefix matching, full-text token search, and phrase and proximity search in this second blog of the search patterns series.

Expand Your Search Capabilities With The Macrometa Global Data Network  

Learn about the search capabilities in the Macrometa GDN. This first blog in the search patterns series provides a detailed classification overview and a step-by-step guide for exact value matching.

What is Stateful Serverless?

A conversation with Redmonk Analyst Kelly Fitzpatrick

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