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Building Systems & Macrometa GDN from First Principles

First principles thinking is a powerful but under-used approach to building systems to solve complex problems. The basic idea of first principles thinking is to break down complex problems into essential elements that you know are true and then reassemble them from the ground up to solve the problem. In my experience, this approach enables one to unlock creativity and build innovative and robust systems.

Calling all Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

Join Macrometa and friends for Developer Week Nov 7- 11 (online and async event) to build on the cutting edge. Learn about the Macrometa platform including new features, see cool demos, and view what's next on the roadmap. Find out more details on the agenda and sign up today!

Choosing a Complex Event Processing Engine: Macrometa vs Apache Spark and Apache Flink

Learn about the advantages of Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Macrometa and see how it compares to streaming analytics with Apache Spark and Apache Flink. Plus, explore Stream Workers – Macrometa's CEP engine.

The future of cloud gaming: Thoughts on Intricately’s 2022 cloud gaming report

As we enter 2022, the video gaming market will continue to expand, with emerging concepts such as microservices, artificial intelligence, and blockchain continuing to drive innovation across hardware, software, and services. But what does this mean for cloud gaming? How will these trends impact it going forward? Let’s take a look at Intricately’s report in more detail and see if we can predict where cloud gaming is headed in the future.

Using Macrometa Stream Workers In A Real-time Log Analytics Dashboard

Learn how Macrometa Stream Workers are used for Complex Event Processing of data in motion.

How 5G Gaming Will Change the Industry

The 5G era of gaming offers lower latency, personalization, and next-gen digital experiences. Developers need a platform to make it happen.

Cloud native is not edge native

Learn more about why cloud native's centralized architecture just can’t meet the challenges of the edge. For edge use cases, we need to start thinking edge natively.

Macrometa partners with Cloudflare to extend the Edge

Macrometa and Cloudflare enable building apps that typically require massive investments with high technical risk and complexity to be built intuitively and quickly.

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