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Rob Fry on Why You're Doing Cloud Wrong

Rob has a storied career in Silicon Valley having been at several noteworthy startups like Jask (acquired by Sumo Logic)

Cloud Computing Doesn't Matter in 2019

OK, I admit. This is a controversial statement. After that admission, I can honestly say that as a user, cloud computing doesnā€™t matter. It doesnā€™t make any difference where my apps live. Now, to the fun part

A Controversial take on Edge Computing

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the smart folks at GSMA, to share my take on how edge computing will evolve for their global mobile radar report (you can find a copy of the material from the report below). Edge computing and its step-sibling, "fog computing", are shrouded in the excitement and mystery of a new frontier, where trillions in a new addressable market will open up:

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