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Calling all Developers To The Edge - Announcing Developer Week

Join Macrometa and friends for Developer Week Nov 7- 11 (online and async event) to build on the cutting edge. Learn about the Macrometa platform including new features, see cool demos, and view what's next on the roadmap. Find out more details on the agenda and sign up today!

The CDN is dead, Long Live the GDN*

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs have received a lot of attention in the last few years, with the emergence of newer and richer feature capabilities and features. Companies like Fastly and CloudFlare have entered the market with a focus on helping developers leverage the power of edge computing and hyper-locality to users by caching static content close to where it is being used.

Public cloud is the apex predator of the Internet - CDNs need to evolve to stay alive

CDNs have been an important cornerstone of Internet infrastructure for the past two decades. By storing and serving popular static content (video, pictures, static web code) from close proximity Points Of Presence (POPs) to users around the world, CDNs have made the Internet usable by de-centralizing and distributing some aspects of the highly centralized architecture of the Internet and the

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