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Global replication, low latency reads, writes, and queries, with a fault tolerant architecture.

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Macrometa DocumentDB delivers end-to-end sub 100ms round trip time latency from anywhere in the world. Data is automatically replicated across any number of chosen locations (up to 175 regions globally), with a multi master read and write in any location with consistency guarantees. Advanced features can change data feeds for publishing or subscribing to document collections as streams. Serve data to web and mobile apps in <50ms anywhere in the world.



Support any type of data such as date, location, text or nested structures


End to end round trip time

Sub 100ms latency anywhere in the world


ACID consistency

With asynchronous replication globally



Data and event processing support



100% fully managed and serverless

Automatically scale with elasticity whether within a specific region to handle a local hotspot of demand or across multiple regions as users are more geographically distributed.


Cross-Region Replication across 100s of regions

Replicate & synchronize data across global cache regions and primary databases with high consistency and low latency, or leverage a geo-distributed stateful database via a serverless API.


Comprehensive index support

A full range of high performance indexes such as a primary index, a graph/edge index, a persistent index, Time To Live (TTL index), full text index and more.


Low Latency

Ensure high performance applications and APIs by serving data globally to devices and users < 50ms for P90 and < 75ms P99. Leverage options to publish and subscribe to collections of documents as streams - for reactive applications.

Modern web and mobile applications often face database performance challenges when scaling to meet the demands from a growing customer base and increasingly complex applications. Enterprises use Macrometa DocumentDB to support a variety of use cases, including content management, user profile management, stateful backend for mobile and web apps, collecting and analyzing log data, and online business but without the geographic restrictions and prohibitive cost and latency of MongoDB or AWS documentDB.

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Edge Commerce Demo

Watch a demo of low latency eCommerce experiences such as product catalogs, search, and recommendations, built by Macrometa.

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  • Maximize the value of your existing application investments
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  • Achieve up to 100x faster performance than AWS or GCP
  • Seamlessly scale to serve billions of users in real-time
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