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Edge Cache

Solve multi region database and API request latency without deploying any infrastructure with just a few lines of code

Modern web and mobile applications often face database performance challenges when scaling to meet the demands from a growing customer base and increasingly complex applications. Unlike a traditional CDN, which only serve static data, Macrometa Global Edge Cache is meant for dynamic data lookup and serving.

Enterprises use Macrometa Global Edge Cache to support a variety of database and API serving use cases, including low latency advertising matching, social media applications such as chat and sentiment analysis, tracking real time state in event streams, collecting and analyzing log data - all without the geographic restrictions and prohibitive cost and latency of scaling a backend database.


Lowers latency

By 50X or more for improved user experience


Serve stateful

Database requests and API requests from the closest region


Serve 100X

More users or clients without adding more infrastructure



(Time To Live) to periodically expire content



TLS encryption and at rest data encryption


Fault Tolerant

Keep users happy with complete fault tolerance

Featured Solution

SDK for Side or Standalone Cache

Learn how to use Macrometa Global Edge Cache to cache and serve data from salesforce with high performance and low latency anywhere in the world

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Applications & Solutions


API cache

Build powerful apps that scale geographically based on demand with complete fault tolerance

Built for developers, by developers

Macrometa integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, giving you fast, scalable, and reliable access to your data from a wide range of popular frameworks.


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