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Solving the Trillion-Dollar Data Problem in Edge Computing

Learn how to reduce egress costs and leverage real-time data

How do you solve a trillion-dollar problem?

One cent at a time.

Businesses lose an estimated $3 trillion dollars per year due to bad data. This comes in many forms: hiring people to separately process and analyze data, increasing read and write costs to centralized clouds, among other reasons.

Today's enterprise apps and cloud workloads are more "write intensive" and no longer ideal for centralized clouds. Durga Gokina, Macrometa co-founder and CTO, discusses how to reduce write costs with the right data models and platforms. In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • The four causes of latency and higher costs in modern cloud applications
  • How Macrometa's coordination-free architecture works
  • How multiple data models on a single copy of data reduce storage and processing costs
Download the whitepaper to learn more!
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