Announcing PhotonIQ: The New AI CDN For Accelerating Apps, APIs, Websites and Services

For eCommerce & Retail, Real-time Data is Real Good Business

Deliver more personalized and profitable customer experiences in eCommerce and retail.


As retail battles inflation, supply chain disruptions, shrinking consumer spend, and new shopping behaviors, legacy data systems are losing ground and leaking profits.

What if retailers shifted from slow big data to live fast data to make more informed decisions in real-time?

With a real-time solution based on a hyper distributed cloud that is faster and more cost efficient, now they can.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:


How to create delightful customer experiences everywhere in the retail journey


How to streamline omnichannel inventory management


Make price adjustments on the fly based on real data


How to reduce storage and distribution costs with "just-in-time" inventory


How to offer personal recommendations when customers are most likely to buy

Boost profits and customer satisfaction with real-time insights
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