Learn about PhotonIQ: AI Services at the Edge

PhotonIQ: AI Services at the Edge

Explore lightning-fast AI Services that are implemented in 60 days or less.

PhotonIQ (fuh-tawn-ik) is a suite of turnkey services built on the Global Data Network that can be implemented in 60 days or less. We’ve taken the power of AI and the GDN and created solutions that deliver powerful results and quick ROI. With PhotonIQ, you can boost site and application performance, improve cloud origin offload, and/or track anonymous visitors while maintaining privacy.

  • Improve Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse Scores to 90+
  • Increase uptime and reliability from traffic spikes and DDoS attacks
  • Create honeypots and Virtual Waiting Rooms based on custom triggers
  • Reduce origin traffic by 80%

… and more to come.Avoid system overhaul and focus on strategy while we handle the engineering and deployment. Sign up to learn which PhotonIQ service is right for you and talk to an Enterprise Solution Architect.

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