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Modern Distributed Data Management Architecture

Accelerate Innovation with Edge Computing

Today, traditional data architectures are challenged by the increasing generation of data - at the edge and across clouds and data centers. It is time for the new world of edge computing.

In this Intel and Macrometa white paper, we delve into the changing landscape from a slow big-data approach to fast-data, high-performance applications, highlighting the overwhelming need for edge computing and edge cloud solutions in modern applications. By exploring what sets the edge apart and the problems it addresses, we shed light on the challenges it presents.

Read the white paper to learn more about:

  • The Importance of Time-to-Actionable Insights
  • The State of the World and our Perception of Latency
  • The Three Laws of Edge Computing
  • Key Data Characteristics
  • Different Data Architectures
  • The New World of Edge Computing
  • The Macrometa Solution: Global Data Mesh, Edge Compute, and Data Protection
Download this white paper to explore a new approach to modern, high-performance use cases.
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