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Stop Fraud in Its Tracks

Minimize Risk with Real-Time Fraud Detection and Secure Payments

Financial institutions face increasing risk of fraud, which costs billions of dollars every year. This white paper explains how real-time analytics can help detect and prevent fraud, and how Macrometa's hyper distributed cloud helps organizations minimize risk and maximize security.

One of the advantages of using Macrometa for fraud detection is the ability to process data where it’s generated, allowing financial institutions to respond to fraud in real-time. This hyper distributed cloud advantage can be particularly useful for financial institutions that operate in areas with limited connectivity or high network latency, where traditional cloud-based solutions may not be practical or effective.

Banks have always been a target of theft or fraud and online payments are particularly vulnerable to fraud due to unsecured networks, devices, applications or websites. Macrometa helps ensure online payments are sent quickly and securely. Read the white paper to learn more about:

  • Challenges faced by financial institutions in detecting and preventing fraud, including identifying false positives and dealing with high data volumes and complex fraud patterns.
  • The advantages of real-time fraud detection, including its ability to detect complex event patterns and isolate threats, resulting in security alerts that allow financial institutions to respond quickly to potential fraud.
  • Explanation of Macrometa's fraud detection solutions, including data manipulation functions, live streaming data monitoring, advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and knowledge graphs.
  • Overview of how MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) can be used for secure P2P messaging for virtual payments.
To learn more about Macrometa's fraud and payment solutions for financial services, download the whitepaper today!
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