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Faster Apps at the Edge

Accelerating Applications with Geo-distributed & Replicated Cache

How can you power applications at never-before-seen speeds if all the data requests need to go back and forth to the cloud?

The answer - turn to the edge to cache data closer to where it originates and where it’s needed. Geo-distributed cache can support use cases like real-time, dynamic advertising, social media app chat, and sentiment analysis to drive revenue opportunities, and any app with real-time user expectations.

At the edge, caching needs to operate at memory speed while providing multi-model operation, geographic flexibility and regulatory compliance, while reducing costs. What makes Macrometa different is that we also offer global synchronization - with super fast access to cache anywhere in the world.

Let’s examine cache in detail - from the different types and why you need them and explore the benefits of synchronized, replicated edge caching.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • The reasons why you should cache from low latency to reducing pressure on backhaul networks
  • Data that should be cached like static maps, metadata, and calculations that can be reused
  • Different cache types and their differences including local, remote, distributed, and geo-replicated caches
  • The requirements for building a real-time, geo-replicated cache
  • The components of the Macrometa Global Data Network including in-memory cache, multi-model data stores, streaming, and more
Learn how geo-distributed and -replicated caches deliver low latency at the edge!
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