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A sliding time window that holds events that arrived during the last window time period at a given time, and gets updated for each event arrival and expiration.



Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
timeThe sliding time period for which the window should hold events.INT LONG TIMENoNo

Example 1

CREATE STREAM cseEventStream (symbol string, price float, volume int);
CREATE WINDOW cseEventWindow (symbol string, price float, volume int) SLIDING_TIME(20) output all events;
CREATE SINK STREAM OutputStream (symbol string, price double);

@info(name = 'query0')
INSERT INTO cseEventWindow
FROM cseEventStream;

@info(name = 'query1')
INSERT all events INTO OutputStream
SELECT symbol, sum(price) AS price
FROM cseEventWindow;

This query processes events that arrived within the last 20 milliseconds.

Example 2

This example shows aggregating events over time in a sliding manner.

Stream Worker Code

CREATE STREAM TemperatureStream(sensorId string, temperature double);

CREATE SINK STREAM OverallTemperatureStream(avgTemperature double, maxTemperature double, numberOfEvents long);
CREATE SINK STREAM SensorIdTemperatureStream(sensorId string, avgTemperature double, maxTemperature double);

@info(name = 'Overall-analysis')
INSERT ALL events INTO OverallTemperatureStream
-- Calculate average, maximum, and count for `temperature` attribute.
SELECT avg(temperature) AS avgTemperature,
max(temperature) AS maxTemperature,
count() AS numberOfEvents
-- Aggregate events over `1 minute` sliding window
FROM TemperatureStream WINDOW SLIDING_TIME(1 min);
-- Output when events are added, and removed (expired) from `window time()`.

@info(name = 'SensorId-analysis')
INSERT INTO SensorIdTemperatureStream
SELECT sensorId,
-- Calculate average, and maximum for `temperature`, by grouping events by `sensorId`.
avg(temperature) AS avgTemperature,
max(temperature) AS maxTemperature
-- Aggregate events over `30 seconds` sliding window
FROM TemperatureStream WINDOW SLIDING_TIME(30 sec)
GROUP BY sensorId
-- Output events only when `avgTemperature` is greater than `20.0`.
WHERE avgTemperature > 20.0;
-- Output only when events are added to `window time()`.

Sliding Time Aggregation Behavior

When events are sent to TemperatureStream, the following events are emitted at OverallTemperatureStream via the Overall-analysis query, and SensorIdTemperatureStream via the SensorId-analysis query.

TimeInput to TemperatureStreamOutput at OverallTemperatureStreamOutput at SensorIdTemperatureStream
9:00:00['1001', 18.0][18.0, 18.0, 1]No events, as having
condition not satisfied.
9:00:10['1002', 23.0][20.5, 23.0, 2]['1002', 23.0, 23.0]
9:00:20['1002', 22.0][21.0, 23.0, 3]['1002', 22.5, 22.0]
9:00:40--No events, as expired
events are not emitted.
9:00:50--No events, as expired
events are not emitted.
9:00:00-[22.5, 23.0, 2]-
9:01:10['1001', 17.0][19.5, 22.0, 2]-
9:01:20-[17.0, 17.0, 1]-
9:02:10-[null, null, 0]-