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A sliding window that holds the last number of events defined by an expression at a given time, and gets updated for each arrival and expiration.



Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
expressionAn expression that defines what events should be included in a sliding window. All possible valid expressions are allowed.STRNoNo


CREATE STREAM cseEventStream (symbol string, price float, volume int);
CREATE WINDOW cseEventWindow (symbol string, price float, volume int) SLIDING_EXPRESSION('count() <= 20');
CREATE SINK STREAM OutputStream (symbol string, price double);

@info(name = 'query0')
INSERT INTO cseEventWindow
FROM cseEventStream;

@info(name = 'query1')
INSERT INTO OutputStream
SELECT symbol, sum(price) AS price
FROM cseEventWindow;

This query holds a number of events less than or equal to 20.