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mToft (Function)

This converts the input given in meters into feet.


<DOUBLE> unitconversion:mToft(<INT|LONG|FLOAT|DOUBLE> p1)

Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
p1The value that needs to be converted from meters into feet.INT LONG FLOAT DOUBLENoYes

Example 1

SELECT unitconversion:mToft(1) AS feet;

This query uses the unitconversion:mToft() function to convert the value of 1 meter into its equivalent value in feet. The conversion result is approximately 3.280 feet.

Example 2

CREATE STREAM InputStream (distance_m double);
CREATE SINK STREAM OutputStream (distance_m double, distance_ft double);

@info(name = 'distanceConversionQuery')
INSERT INTO OutputStream
SELECT distance_m, unitconversion:mToft(distance_m) AS distance_ft
FROM InputStream;

In this example, an input stream called InputStream is created with a single attribute, distance_m, representing distance values in meters. Then, an output stream called OutputStream is defined, which will contain the original distance in meters as well as the converted distance in feet.

The distanceConversionQuery processes events from the InputStream. It uses the unitconversion:mToft() function to convert the distance_m attribute from the InputStream into its corresponding value in feet, and this value is assigned to the distance_ft attribute in the OutputStream.

The query outputs the original distance in meters and the converted distance in feet for each event to the OutputStream.