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cmToin (Function)

This converts the input given in centimeters into inches.


<DOUBLE> unitconversion:cmToin(<INT|LONG|FLOAT|DOUBLE> p1)

Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
p1The value that needs to be converted from centimeters into inches.INT LONG FLOAT DOUBLENoYes

Example 1

SELECT unitconversion:cmToin(100) AS inches;

This query converts the centimeters value 100 into inches using the unitconversion:cmToin() function. The output is 39.37008.

Example 2

CREATE STREAM LengthInputStream (lengthInCm double);
CREATE STREAM LengthOutputStream (lengthInInches double);

@info(name = 'convertCmToInchesQuery')
INSERT INTO LengthOutputStream
SELECT unitconversion:cmToin(lengthInCm) AS lengthInInches
FROM LengthInputStream;

The convertCmToInchesQuery processes events from the LengthInputStream, which contains a length value in centimeters (lengthInCm). It uses the unitconversion:cmToin(lengthInCm) function to convert the centimeters value into inches. The query outputs the converted value as the lengthInInches attribute for each event to the LengthOutputStream.