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and (Aggregate Function)

Returns the results of AND operation for all the events.


<BOOL> and(<BOOL> arg)

Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
argThe value that needs to be AND operation.BOOLNoYes

Example 1

@info(name = 'query1')
INSERT INTO alertStream
SELECT and(isFraud) AS isFraudTransaction

This query processes records from the cscStream using a tumbling window of length 10. For each window, it aggregates the isFraud values using the and function, which returns true if all isFraud values are true within the window. The result is aliased as isFraudTransaction and inserted into the alertStream.

Essentially, this query detects windows of 10 consecutive records where all transactions are marked as fraudulent and inserts the aggregated result into the alertStream.