Announcing Pelion’s investment in Macrometa

Today I’m incredibly pleased to share that Pelion Ventures has invested in Macrometa. Many of you already know of Pelion as a hugely successful, storied venture firm based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

Jon Gelsey on "Why I Joined Macrometa's Board of Directors"

Jon Gelsey is the former CEO of Identity Authentication Management Unicorn and disruptor Auth0 and XNOR.AI

Announcing our $7M Seed raise lead by DNX

In the world of business, discussing souls, togetherness, and coincidences is taboo. Yet as I sit here writing these words - I'm struck by the profound serendipity of just having raised a $7M seed financing lead by DNX ventures and all the wonderful lessons, people, and experiences that have happened in the short time since closing the round.

Hello globally distributed world!

Today, June 12th, 2019 marks a very special milestone for all of us at Macrometa. Starting today, anyone can sign up for a free developer account and build geo distributed apps and APIs that run across our network of 25 global cloud data centers.

Macrometa exits stealth with a planet scaling Serverless EDGE cloud

We are told that low latency and imagination are the only prerequisites for building tomorrow’s edge applications. Tragically, this is an incomplete and false hope. In order for robust, world-changing, enterprise applications to emerge, Macrometa believes we must first solve the very hard problem of bringing stateful data to the edge. Without stateful data, the edge will be doomed to forever

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