I am elated to share that I have joined Macrometa, a plucky edge computing cloud and Global Data Network (“GDN”) for developers with ambitions of becoming the fourth cloud titan. I have the unique privilege and challenge of being the company’s first CFO and COO! And I am looking forward to working closely with and learning from the rest of the Macrometa team as we scale.  

Starting a new journey, particularly during a global pandemic, has been a time of introspection and reflection.  Why Macrometa?  Why now?

Simply put, edge computing brings data closer to the location where it's needed. Edge has a wide range of applications, from streaming services, autonomous vehicles, gaming, telemedicine, and routers, and so many more. As enterprise cloud services accelerate, it's only natural that edge computing will continue to see massive growth in the coming years. Macrometa is a leader in this space and I believe this platform will be the standard that helps customers surgically extend their existing infrastructure in a secure way.  

When I first met Chetan Venkatesh, Macrometa’s co-founder and CEO, I was intrigued by the company’s mission to “make every developer a hero” by making globally distributed application development and deployment simple and instant. This bold mission requires a deep passion, commitment, and vision for a new way of building and delivering high-performance applications. When I met Macrometa’s co-founder & CTO, Durga Gokina, and other team members (aka ‘Macrometans or metans’), it was clear to me that each Macrometan deeply embraces this mission, while also embodying the company’s core values – Honest, Humble, Heart.  I found this combination of a purpose-driven approach to empower customers and a value-based culture incredibly energizing. With amazing partners like CloudFlare, a vibrant developer community building previously impossible apps, and being backed by some of the best investors in the world, I am confident that Macrometa is going to be a critical building block for how data-driven, real-time apps are built and used in the enterprise. 

A company and team like Macrometa is an adventure because it seeks out challenges to solve that fall in the “unknown /unknown” quadrant.

I am thrilled to join on this journey and embrace the ‘unknown unknowns’ as we create a new infrastructure to make every developer a hero!

Thank you to the Macrometa team, for the opportunity to partner and build this once in a generation rocket ship of a business!  

Stay tuned – as I will periodically update this blog on Macrometa and my progress. 

For others who are excited by and equally up for the challenge, check out our Careers page or email your resume/CV to [email protected]

Sep 14, 2021

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