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How to become a Macrometa Expert

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No one’s an expert at anything right away. Whether learning a new language, programming, or learning how to navigate a new platform (like Macrometa), practice makes perfect.

At Macrometa, we’re helping developers build real-time apps and APIs in minutes. If you want to become a Macrometa expert, we have these resources that can help.

The Macrometa Community Slack

Announcing: Macrometa's Community Slack

One of the easiest ways to learn a new skill is to talk to others. That’s why we created our Macrometa Community Slack for anyone to come and chat about projects, ask questions, and much more. We have super users and people from the Developer Experience, Product, and Customer Success teams ready to help.

Sign up here and come say hi.

Quickstart Docs

We’ve designed a Quickstart Guide in our docs to help jumpstart your Macrometa journey. It’s designed to help you learn the basics of creating a collection and running a query using some sample data. In less than 15 minutes, you can learn about Macrometa Query Workers and build an address book with full search capabilities.

Visit the docs

Sample Applications

We have a whole library of sample applications demonstrating what you can do with the Global Data Network. Build a streaming ETL application, a crypto trading bot, an online store, or an app that detects credit card fraud. Step-by-step tutorials with sample code hosted on GitHub.

Visit the Sample App Library

The Macrometa Youtube Channel

Some of us are visual learners, so we’ve started building some great video content and tutorials on Youtube for easy access. We have 10-minute demos and tutorials, case studies, and webinars, so don’t forget to smash that like button, comment, subscribe, and click on the bell.

Check us out on Youtube

Closing thoughts

Macrometa unlocks amazing workflows around real-time data. If you’re a developer looking for a NoSQL database that does a whole lot more or someone wanting to get real-time insights from data around the globe, request a 30 day trial and let us know on the community slack. There might be a t-shirt in it for you.

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