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Create Global Apps & APIs In 5 Mins With Macrometa's Seamless Architecture

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Build Geo Distributed Apps with Macrometa

Get a free developer account on Macrometa and start building geo distributed apps today

Here's a few examples of how Macrometa turns complex geo distributed problems into simple and quick capabilities:

  • Build a multi region database that runs in 6 different data-centers across the world in about 40 seconds (the video is not trimmed in any way):
  • Create a data collection in the global database (like a table in an RDBMS), insert some data in it, and see it replicate with consistency guarantees in all the regions your fabric runs in:
  • Create a query to retrieve data from the collection, save and export the query as an API end point that you can call from anywhere in the world. The request will always be served from the closest datacenter to the requester
  • Call your restQL API end point from a web application such as a Single Page Application (SPA) or Progressive Web App (PWA): using the showContacts example from above:
  • Realtime data is easy with Macrometa - all changes to the database are automatically pushed to all clients via Streams (no polling ever):

And thats just the beginning. There are so many incredible ways to use Macrometa to create fast, powerful, data driven apps and APIs that run worldwide automatically such as graph processing, stream processing and serverless functions (coming soon using JavaScript WASM and V8 isolates). BTW, everything you see above can be done via our client SDKs or REST API.

There's a brave new world of distributed apps and APIs waiting to be built by you for web, mobile, IoT, gaming, enterprise and more. It's time to say Goodbye Cloud, and Hello Edge with Macrometa.

Get a free developer account and get started in minutes. You can get all the documentation you need to start here and if you have questions just reach out and we're a chat box away (to the bottom right of the macrometa web page)

High Fives !

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