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Inner Stream

Queries inside a partition block can use inner streams to communicate with each other while preserving partition isolation. These streams cannot be accessed outside a partition block.


Inner streams allow you to connect queries within the partition block so that the output of a query can be used as an input only by another query within the same partition. You do not need to repartition the streams if they are communicating within the partition.


This partition calculates the average temperature of every 10 events for each sensor, and sends an output to the DeviceTempIncreasingStream stream if the consecutive average temperature values increase by more than five degrees.

partition with (deviceID of TempStream)
insert into AvgTempStream
select roomNo, deviceID, avg(temp) as avgTemp
from TempStream window lengthBatch(10);

insert into DeviceTempIncreasingStream
select e1.deviceID, e1.avgTemp as initialAvgTemp, e2.avgTemp as finalAvgTemp
from every e1=AvgTempStream,e2=AvgTempStream[e1.avgTemp + 5 < avgTemp];