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abs (Function)

This function returns the absolute value of the given parameter. It wraps the java.lang.Math.abs() function.



Query Parameters

NameDescriptionDefault ValuePossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
p1The parameter whose absolute value is found.INT LONG FLOAT DOUBLENoYes

Example 1

CREATE STREAM InValueStream (inValue double);

@info(name = 'calculateAbsoluteValue')
INSERT INTO OutMediationStream
SELECT math:abs(inValue) AS absValue
FROM InValueStream;

The query calculates the absolute value of the inValue from the input stream InValueStream using the math:abs() function. Regardless of whether the inValue is 3 or -3, the function returns 3, because the absolute value of both 3 and -3 is 3. The result is then directed to the OutMediationStream.