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eCommerce - Sole Factory

Experience the full potential of Macrometa's advanced full-stack capabilities with our innovative e-commerce demo. This sample application is a fully functional e-commerce website that offers personalized experiences to every visitor.

Using the Macrometa platform, it tracks and analyzes visitor actions to provide tailored recommendations based on their preferences. The e-commerce store has real-time stock updates and features a sophisticated search engine, ensuring a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Macrometa GDN

PlatformTenantGeo FabricGUI
Playdemo@macrometa.come-commerce-search-flowMacrometa Sole Factory

Demo Site

  1. Navigate to Macrometa Sole Factory.
  2. Click Log in as guest.
  3. Click around like you were shopping at a real online store.

As you click or search, the site tries to anticipate what you want based on your behavior and personalizes the list of items displayed.


This demo includes the following components:

  • Personalized recommendations - Macrometa stream workers read visitor actions from a collection stream, creating a list of recommended products for each visitor.
  • Real-time stock updates - Macrometa stream workers read product updates from a collection stream, updating the product stock in real-time.
  • Search - The Macrometa GDN search views enable full-text search for our storefront, allowing users to find products based on a variety of terms including product name, brand, and category.
  • Serverless backend – Macrometa query workers provide an interface between the web app and the backend, providing ultra-low latency data and compute.

Visitor Personalization

Macrometa streams and query workers enable real-time visitor personalization, including recommendations and real-time stock updates.

  • Tailored product recommendations
  • Social proof (top-rated items)
  • Item viewers (currently in carts or viewing)
  • Personalized search results
  • Recently viewed items
  • Customers who bought this also bought
  • Similar items
  • In-store pickup options
  • Real-time stock information
  • Best sellers
  • Complementary items

Sole Factory