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Macrometa Storefront

Macrometa Storefront App is a full-stack e-commerce web application that creates a storefront (and backend) for customers to shop for fictitious fashion items. You can browse and search for books, look at recommendations and best sellers, manage your cart, checkout, view your orders, and more.


Macrometa Storefront

The goal of this Demo is to provide a fully-functional web application that utilizes multi-model Macrometa GDN. Increasingly, modern web apps are built using a multitude of different data models. Developers break their large applications into individual components and select the best data model for each job.

Let's consider this Macrometa Storefront Demo App as an example. The app contains multiple experiences such a shopping cart, product search, and a best sellers list. For each of these use cases, the app makes use of a purpose-built data model so the developer never has to compromise on functionality, performance, or scale.

This demo includes the following components:

  • Product catalog/shopping cart - Macrometa GDN Docs offers fast, predictable performance for the key-value lookups needed in the product catalog, as well as the shopping cart and order history.
  • Search - Macrometa GDN Search service enables full-text search for our storefront, enabling users to find products based on a variety of terms including product name, and category.
  • Best sellers list - Macrometa Stream Workers read order information from a Collection Stream, creating a leaderboard of the "Top 20" purchased products.
  • Serverless backend – Macrometa Query Workers provides an interface between the web app and the backend, providing ultra-low latency data and compute.