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A producer is an application or process that publishes messages to the stream. Once published, they can be processed with stream workers.

Send Modes

Producers can send messages to GDN either synchronously (sync) or asynchronously (async).

Sync sendThe producer waits for acknowledgement from the broker after sending each message. If acknowledgment isn't received, then the producer considers the send operation a failure.
Async sendThe producer puts the message in a blocking queue and return immediately. The client library then sends the message to the broker in the background. If the queue is full, then the producer could be blocked or fail immediately when calling the API, depending on arguments passed to the producer.


Messages published by producers can be compressed during transportation in order to save bandwidth. Macrometa streams currently supports two types of compression:


If batching is enabled, then the producer accumulates and sends a batch of messages in a single request. Batching size is defined by the maximum number of messages and maximum publish latency.