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Create a Fabric

This page lists several methods for creating fabrics. Whether or not you can create fabrics depends on your assigned Permissions.

To create a fabric in the Macrometa web console:

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account in the _system fabric.
  2. Click Network > Fabrics to navigate to the Fabrics management page. If you do not see the Fabrics link, then you might not be logged in to the _system fabric.
  3. Click New Fabric.
  4. Enter a fabric Name.
  5. Select at least two Edge Locations across which you want the fabric distributed.
  6. Select the Username of the account for which you want to own the fabric. Default is root.
  7. Click Create.

After creating the fabric, click the fabric name on the list to view its unique global or regional URLs. The owning user can also select their fabric and log in normally.