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The cache function provides a persistent cache per tenant.


The following functions are allowed:

  • cache:get("key") - gets a value per given key
  • cache:put("key", "value") - puts "key", "value"
  • cache:count() - counts the size of the cache
  • cache:delete("key") - deletes a cache for a given key
  • cache:purge() - invalidates/purges the current cache


Cache uses the following syntax:

cache:put("my_key", "my_value");



CREATE TRIGGER EventsPutTrigger WITH (interval=1 sec);

CREATE TRIGGER EventsGetTrigger WITH (interval=5 sec);

CREATE TABLE GLOBAL put_in_cache(value_is_put string);

CREATE TABLE GLOBAL get_from_cache(value string);

@info(name = 'put-query')
INSERT INTO put_in_cache
SELECT cache:put("my_key", "my_value") as value_is_put
FROM EventsPutTrigger;

@info(name = 'get-query')
INSERT INTO get_from_cache
SELECT cache:get("my_key") as value
FROM EventsGetTrigger;

Following document is saved every second in put_in_cache.

        {"value_is_put": "true"}

Following document is saved every five seconds in get_from_cache.

        {"value": "my_value"}