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Akamai in Macrometa

Akamai EdgeWorkers enable developers to create and deploy microservices across more than a quarter of a million edge servers deployed around the globe. Akamai has a vast content delivery network that extends Macrometa's points of presence worldwide. We allow users to build stateful applications across Akamai's network.


This feature is currently in preview.

You can use Akamai EdgeWorkers to publish data to pipelines. You can continuously send data to an EdgeWorker, which then can publish the data to a pipeline, a Macrometa stream, or both.

Edge workers allow you to use JavaScript to pre-process or post-process data published to pipelines. Additionally, you can query data inside streams and stream workers in real time.

All Macrometa API commands for EdgeWorkers are listed in the API Reference.

For more information about Akamai EdgeWorkers, refer to the Akamai EdgeWorkers Overview.