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Create a Search View

This page explains how to create a new search view.

Create Search View

Follow these instructions to create a new search view using the GDN console web UI.

  1. Log in to your Macrometa account.

  2. Click Data > Search Views.

  3. Click New View.

  4. Enter information about the view and then click Create.

    • Name - The user-defined name for the search view.
    • Mapping Definition - Optional. Choose existing data from which to create an index.
    • Collection - Select an existing collection.
    • Field - Enter a field name for the selected collection.
    • Analyzer - Select a text analyzer or identity analyzer to break up search inputs for improved searching and sorting.
    • Primary Sort - Optional. The sorting order for each attribute. Cannot be changed after view is created.
    • Field - Specify the sorting accodring to collections and fields in the mapping definition.
    • Direction - Set the sorting order to ascending (default) or descending.

After creating a view, you can Rename or Delete it from the Search screen.