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Release Notes 0.17.17

This document describes what has changed in Macrometa release 0.17.17. To check what version of GDN you are using, use the RestVersionHandler command in the API.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release.

You can now create semantic search views.

  • In Search Views, you now have the option to create a Semantic Search View or a Fulltext Search View.
  • Improved Fulltext Search user interface.

Semantic Search was added as a result of this feature and the Search Views section was edited and reorganized.

Client Connectors - Beta

Macrometa now offers connectors that are installed on the client side. Like the connectors integrated with Macrometa GDN, these connectors allow you to connect Macrometa to external data sources as either a source or a target. The first client connector is Databricks.

The Client Connectors was added as a result of this feature.

New Connectors

The following connectors are included in this release:

MySQL/MariaDB Connector and MSSQL Connector were added and OracleDB Connector was updated as a result of this change.

Feature Updates

The following features updates are included in this release.

KV Group ID Field Added

You can now select the Group checkbox during collection creation to add the Group ID field to your Key-Value Store collection. This allows you to query by group ID more efficiently and to truncate by group ID.

Several topics in Key-Value Store were updated as a result of this change.

Query Worker Permissions

In previous versions of Macrometa, only the user that created the query worker could directly view and edit that query worker. When a user was deleted, all query workers they created were deleted as well.

The 17.17 release allows all users with the appropriate access level to see and interact with query workers. Query workers are no longer deleted when the user account that created them are deleted.

The user and API key permissions in the web console have been updated to allow you to assign query worker access levels.

New Query Worker Permissions

New API endpoints were added in the API Keys and Users sections as well.

New API Key Endpoints

New API Key API Endpoints

New Users Endpoints

New Users API Endpoints

Unique Windows Renamed

The window functions in the unique namespace have been renamed as follows:

Old NameNew Name

To maintain compatibility, the old window names will remain valid.

Pages in Window Types were updated as a result of this change.

Streams Stats API Update

The stream stats API endpoint /_fabric/{fabric}/_api/streams/{stream}/stats now includes two new optional parameters:

  • getPreciseBacklog: When true, returns precise backlog.
  • subscriptionBacklogSize: When true, returns backlog size for each subscription.

Connection Metrics API Endpoint

You can now access the GET /_api/connections/metrics endpoint to retrieve metrics for your connections. The response includes metrics for:

  • Ingested documents
  • Exported documents
  • Ingested bytes
  • Exported bytes
  • Ingest lag
  • Export lag
  • Ingest errors
  • Export errors
  • Successful workflows
  • Failed workflows

Miscellaneous Changes

The following minor changes were added in this release.

Change #Description
DB-1883If an internal network issue causes replication to fail for a server, then server users will have only read-only access to its global collections once the replication backlog is filled to prevent new messages overwriting older ones. This change helps prevent data loss and inconsistency.

API Updates

This release includes the following API changes.

Issue #Description
CEP-591The regions parameter in the Create and Deploy Stream Workers API endpoint now accepts * as a value. You no longer need to list all regions individually.

Defect Fixes

The following defects were fixed in this release.

Defect #Description
CEP-551Stream workers are not handling the error returned by DB when publish queue is full, causing data loss.
CEP-565Latin extended letters are changed into garbage characters by streams and then stream workers.
CEP-566Data loss is observed if the database restarts while the stream worker is consuming data from an external Pulsar stream and writing it to a Macrometa collection.
CEP-572Stream workers with fields that start with an integer or with special chars other than _ throw exceptions.
CEP-576Transformation workflow sometimes does not work.
CEP-578Intermittently observed stream worker not consuming messages when the stream worker count was high.
CEP-579Stream workers cannot handle stream workers an in infinite loop.
CEP-581Errors while executing ad hoc queries.
CEP-586The geo:stationary stream processor in fails in some cases.
CEP-592Getting cast exception in geospatial functions.
CON-1327Source Preview and Transformation Preview are not maintaining the case of attribute names, they are all returned as lowercase.
DB-1465, DB-2364Data inconsistency observed when in crud scenarios for regions that lose connectivity for some time.
DB-2513Cannot delete a fabric using an API key.
DB-2579404 database not found error when trying to change permissions for an API key.