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Release Notes 0.17.16

This document describes what has changed in Macrometa release 0.17.16. To check what version of GDN you are using, use the RestVersionHandler command in the API.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release.

Connections - Beta

With connections, you can now connect Macrometa document collections to external data sources or other Macrometa collections, either as a source or target.

This beta feature is available for instances larger than 16GB (SX-10 and DX-10). Contact if you want to try it out.

The Connections section was added as a result of this feature.

Feature Updates

The following features updates are included in this release.

Improved Collection Settings Tab

The Settings tab in collections has been expanded and improved with updated look and new functionality, including:

  • Information about connections and ETL workflows.
  • Expanded information about collection streams.

View Collection Settings was added as a result of this changed. Several pages had minor updates as a result of this change. Individual collection settings pages were removed for Document Store, Key-Value Store, Graph Edge, and Redis Mode collections.

Miscellaneous Changes

The following minor changes were added in this release.

Change #Description
CEP-559Change extension name for unitconversion of kgToStones function. New name is kgToStone.
STRM-588Supports geo-replicated topics created by Pulsar clients.

Defect Fixes

The following defects were fixed in this release.

Defect #Description
CEP-562The bayesianRegression and updateBayesianRegression stream processors were not working properly.
DB-2463Allow /api/version endpoint to return the system version for all users.