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Release Notes 0.17.15

This document describes what has changed in Macrometa release 0.17.15. To check what version of GDN you are using, use the RestVersionHandler command in the API.

New Features

The following new features are included in this release.

KV Blob Storage

Key-value (KV) store collections now allow you to store blobs (arbitrary binary data, such as images).

When you create a new key-value store, you can select the Blob storage checkbox. This marks the collection as a blob-based KV collection. These collections can only be used to store blobs. Once created, this setting cannot be changed.

  • Maximum blob file size is 1 MB. This can be changed, but can never exceed 2 MB.
  • You can add blob records using the Macrometa API. Adding records in the Macrometa web console is not supported.

This feature is available upon request. Contact to enable it on your account.

The Create a Key-Value Store has been updated as a result of this change.

Stream Worker Store Batch Support

In previous versions of Macrometa, stream worker stores could only persist one document per call. The 17.15 release supports batches, persisting documents until the value of one of the two new parameters is reached.

The new parameters are:

  • batch.size

Stream Worker Tables was updated as a result of this change.

Retrieve API Keys

As of this release, an API key created using POST /_api/key can now be retrieved using GET /_api/key/{keyid}.

The call and response now look similar to the following:

curl -X 'GET'   ''   -H 'accept: application/json'   -H 'Authorization: bearer <JWT>' | jq
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 234 100 234 0 0 1073 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 1073
"user": "root_api_keyid777777",
"active": true,
"displayName": "root_api_keyid777777",
"apikey": {
"parent": "root",
"key": "root_api_keyid777777.api_key_goes_here_314567890"
"error": false,
"code": 200

API Updates

This release includes the following API changes.

Issue #Description
DB-1290Updated properties in PUT /fabric/{fabric}/_api/collection/{collection-name}/properties. Removed properties that could not be updated.
STRM-547Removed Stream IO Connectors from API documentation.

Defect Fixes

The following defects were fixed in this release.

Defect #Description
CEP-522Stream workers performing UPDATE and INSERT INTO with tumbling windows are not working as expected.
CEP-537Every time a stream worker is unpublished and published, it reads the topic from earliest position instead of last read position.
DB-2384Inconsistency in regions for different fabrics created during connectivity tests.