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Release Notes 0.17.9

This document describes what has changed in Macrometa release 17.9. To check what version of GDN you are using, use the RestVersionHandler command in the API.

Bug Fixes

  • API-179 - Fixed issues with API server latency.
  • STRM-296 / STRM-160 / STRM-215 - Fixed an issue where a metadata error in streams caused duplicate messages.
  • DEPL-168 / STRM-274 / STRM-255 - Fixed a timeout issue which occasionally caused probe failures in Zookeeper.
  • DB-1340 / DB-1354 / STRM-296 - Various reliability enhancements.
  • DB-1442 / DB-1444 - If you added documents to a collection from different regions, occasionally a document would fail to add after trying to use a unique key claimed by another document.
  • GUI-798 - Fixed an issue where the GDN GUI would display improperly for some users.
  • CEP-247 - Improvements to logging.
  • DB-1038 - Added a limit to the number of login attempts within a timeframe.
  • SEC-210 - Security fix.