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Ensure Uptime During Holiday Demands

The holiday shopping season (from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Singles Day) is a goldmine for online retailers, but surging traffic often leads to sluggish websites and frustrated customers. Virtual waiting rooms come to the rescue, handling massive traffic surges without breaking the bank.

With virtual queues, high-priority pages like checkout and login stay speedy and available, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. CDN caching can’t protect the origin with traffic spikes due to the dynamic changes required during a sale to manage the frequent price and inventory updates.

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Custom Waiting Rooms: Elevate Brand Experience

Provide a consistent customer experience with tailored waiting rooms for multiple brands and microsites. Keep customers engaged with personalized, interactive experiences, and real-time updates. Prioritize queues by previous customers, VIPs, revenue tiers and more.
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Ensure Fair And Swift Access

Boost user satisfaction by customizing queues by region, requests per second, and more. For instance, during exciting events like Super Bowl or cricket World Cup ticket sales, use random or lottery queues to accommodate varying connection speeds.
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Enable VIP treatment

Establish personalized rules to give special treatment to your most valued customers, including logged-in users and club members. Make sure they don’t lose their place in line and avoid duplication.

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Keep It Simple and Seamless

Maintain uptime - even during periods of extreme scale with multiple queue options. Ensure a smooth wait with real-time updates, notifications, and timed wait bars to reduce anxiety and set clear expectations. Behind the scenes traffic is metered to maximize fulfillment rates.

Transform The Customer Journey

Take it to the next level with a personalized virtual waiting room with a warm welcome that is a delightful prelude to your service or shopping journey. Keep the experience lively and engaging with videos, surveys, promotions, and more.

Regional Control, Global Consistency

Keep track of users globally to ensure a consistent user experience with our geo-distributed queues that use proprietary technology to sync global counters. During events like Black Friday, manage localized demand with selective regional queuing to minimize disruption.

Multi-CDN and Multi-Cloud Support

Support customers across different CDNs or cloud platforms. Create separate queues for different domains per origin backend, enabling routing and queuing across various infrastructure types, ensuring scale, performance, and resilience.

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Unlock Valuable Insights

Intelligent virtual waiting rooms provide essential customer behavior insights in real-time, letting you continuously optimize based on real user signals. Monitor key metrics such as queue size for traffic planning, average wait times and abandonment rates for customer satisfaction, and content views for resonance.

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