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Prerendering: Faster speeds and Improved SEO

Search bots do not render JavaScript properly and can miss key content that affects SEO rankings while indexing. PhotonIQ Prerendering generates static HTML versions of dynamic, Javascript-driven websites, speeding up page loads and enhancing SEO. Prerendering caches these static pages and simulates user interactions to render JavaScript and ensures the full indexing of important content. This boosts page relevance and attracts higher quality organic traffic - and more of it.

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Experience Enhanced Web Performance

PhotonIQ Prerendering speeds up load times and ensures your content is up-to-date to boost your SEO.

Prerendering generates fully indexed static pages from complex JavaScript sites, allowing more discoverability by search bots with limited budgets. Faster page speeds let bots crawl over more pages per day, surfacing more content.

A lot of important content on pages is only revealed when a user interacts via clicks and text entry. We also simulate user interactions to expose hidden content, further improving indexability for higher quality search results and organic traffic growth.

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See the Difference

This demo contrasts a standard site load against one enhanced by PhotonIQ Prerendering. Not only does the page load faster than a non-prerendered page, the content is also complete, ensuring that the search bots “see” the right page.

On the left is what a search bot (which cannot execute JavaScript properly) would “see.” Keep in mind that this showcases a search bot’s perspective and not a visitor's experience.

  • This blank box is the same page - this is how the SEO bot crawler indexes it - without content - if Javascript cannot be executed.

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Bringing Dynamic Sites to Life for Search Bots

PhotonIQ Prerendering goes beyond static snapshots using synthetic interactions to simulate user activity. We emulate hovers, clicks, and scrolling to showcase dynamic content that search bots normally miss.

To demonstrate, we added hover menus and expandable product details to the Metaflix site. View the difference Prerendering with synthetic events makes.


Hover Menus

The left page shows standard Prerendering with top-level menu items. The right page prerenders with synthetic hover events, expanding submenus as a user would. This allows a search bot to “see” submenus, and index them in search results, enabling users to access the right page directly from search results.

Product Page Clicks

The left side displays the default product page content (in this case, listings on our demo Metaflix OTT video site). The right side shows additional content details revealed through synthetic clicks - this could correspond to tabs with information on product details and return policies on a standard eCommerce site.

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