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The Rise of the Wireless Cloud: How DISH Wireless and Macrometa’s collaboration will make the 5G wireless network and edge powerful

How DISH Wireless and Macrometa’s collaboration will make the 5G wireless network and edge more powerful and easier to program than today’s public cloud.

What Macrometa customers are building on the GDN

Apps and companies that take advantage of real-time data processing, global distribution, and low latency analytics at the edge.

Expanding the Edge with Macrometa and Akamai

The CDN meets the GDN! Macrometa CEO - Chetan Venkatesh, talks about how Macrometa and Akamai are together enabling a new era of digital transformation for enterprises. It's a supercloud powered by an edge cloud super platform.

Welcome to Developer Week Day 1

Macrometa Co-Founder & CEO Chetan Venkatesh talks about how the future is edge native and what's in store for Developer Week. Build next-gen apps with Macrometa and friends November 7-11.

A Data Mesh Is The New Octopus Garden

Macrometa CEO and Co-founder, Chetan Venkatesh, discusses the similarities between Macrometa’s Global Data Mesh and an octopus garden. Learn how the Macrometa Global Data Network enables developers to build and run applications at the edge, and how to leverage Macrometa’s growing community of partners.

The Great Shift - Edge Computing & Faster Data Processing

The cloud is entering a new phase where its architecture is now a barrier to solving emerging data problems. Faster data processing requires more than yesterday's centralized cloud, it needs a shift to the edge computing platform.

The Octopus and Macrometa

Macrometa's CEO & Co-Founder Chetan Venkatesh reveals the backstory of the Octopus

Announcing Macrometa’s $20M Series A round led by Pelion

Macrometa has raised a $20M Series A round led by Pelion Ventures

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