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The Great Shift - Edge Computing & Faster Data Processing

The cloud is entering a new phase where its architecture is now a barrier to solving emerging data problems. Faster data processing requires more than yesterday's centralized cloud, it needs a shift to the edge.

The Octopus and Macrometa

Macrometa's CEO & Co-Founder Chetan Venkatesh reveals the backstory of the Octopus

Announcing Macrometa’s $20M Series A round led by Pelion

Macrometa has raised a $20M Series A round led by Pelion Ventures

Macrometa partners with Cloudflare to extend the Edge

Macrometa and Cloudflare enable building apps that typically require massive investments with high technical risk and complexity to be built intuitively and quickly.

Announcing Pelion’s investment in Macrometa

Today I’m incredibly pleased to share that Pelion Ventures has invested in Macrometa.

Announcing our $7M Seed raise lead by DNX

In the world of business, discussing souls, togetherness, and coincidences is taboo. Yet as I sit here writing these words - I'm struck by the profound serendipity of just having raised a $7M seed financing lead by DNX ventures.

The "Edge" is a new kind of vertical cloud

In the past, I've viewed edge computing as a new kind of tier to cloud computing and one that potentially eclipses the centralized clouds - because it's a natural place to run anything that is interactive, needs to analyze large volumes of shared state data and quickly compute against short time value data. Seen from Josh's perspective it almost seems inevitable to me that edge computing will eclipse cloud computing and that new companies will not just challenge but dethrone the big cloud incumbents.

Macrometa & AWS Lambda - geo distributed stateful data for serverless functions - a Step by Step guide

At some point in the last 12 months, something historic happened quietly and right under everyone's' noses. Without much fanfare, the center of gravity for cloud computing moved from the centralized databases and compute in giant hyper-scale data-centers to the edge of the network where CDNs live. This tectonic shift changes the way you (dear developer) will build applications, APIs, and all things programmable in the months, years, and decades to come.

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