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The future of cloud gaming: Thoughts on Intricately’s 2022 cloud gaming report

As we enter 2022, the video gaming market will continue to expand, with emerging concepts such as microservices, artificial intelligence, and blockchain continuing to drive innovation across hardware, software, and services. But what does this mean for cloud gaming? How will these trends impact it going forward? Let’s take a look at Intricately’s report in more detail and see if we can predict where cloud gaming is headed in the future.

How 5G Gaming Will Change the Industry

The 5G era of gaming offers lower latency, personalization, and next-gen digital experiences. Developers need a platform to make it happen.

CastleKnight - Using Macrometa's Edge Database & Streaming Engine to Build Low Latency, Realtime Multiplayer Online Games *with bonus in-game chat

Online multiplayer games are hard to build because you need to understand low-level networking inside game engines (like unity or unreal), and deal with lots of complexity for sending and receiving data. In this tutorial, see how game developers can use the Macrometa GDN for real-time data streaming and storage.

Beyond the Cloud: Edge Computing Opens New Frontiers for Online Gaming

A guest post by gaming industry veteran, Justin Keeling, sums up the survey for 'Do we need the next generation of game consoles?' and describes how edge computing is opening new frontiers for online gaming.

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