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proximity (Stream Processor)

Determines if the specified object or location is within the radius of another object. Returns false when the object moves out of the specified radius.


<BOOL> geo:proximity(<STRING> id, <DOUBLE> longitude, <DOUBLE> latitude, <STRING> geo.json.geometry.fence, <DOUBLE> radius)

Query Parameters

NameDescriptionPossible Data TypesOptionalDynamic
idID of the specified object.STRINGNoNo
longitudeLongitude of the geo location.DOUBLENoNo
latitudeLatitude of the geo location.DOUBLENoNo
geo.json.geometry.fenceString that contains geometry type and coordinates for a GeoJSON geometry fence.STRINGNoNo
radiusProximity distance (radial).DOUBLENoNo


geo:proximity(1, 0, 0, 110574.61087757687)

This example returns true because the coordinates are within the given radius.