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Null Handling Examples

This page provides examples of using nulls in stream workers.

Example 1

CREATE STREAM ProductInputStream (item string, price double);

-- Empty `ProductInfoTable` with attributes `item` and `discount`.
CREATE TABLE GLOBAL ProductInfoTable (item string, discount double);

@info(name = 'Check-for-null')
-- Checks if `price` contains `null` value.
INSERT INTO ProductValidationStream
SELECT item, price is null AS isPriceNull
-- Filter events with `item` not having `null` value.
FROM ProductInputStream [not(item is null)];

@info(name = 'Outer-join-with-table')
INSERT INTO DiscountValidationStream
SELECT s.item, s.price,,
-- Check if `math:power()` returns `null`.
math:power(, 2) is null
AS isFunctionReturnsNull,
-- Check if streams `t` and `s` are `null`.
t is null AS isTNull,
s is null AS isSNull,
-- Check if streams attributes `` and `s.item` are `null`. is null AS isTDiscountNull,
s.item is null AS isSItemNull
FROM ProductInputStream AS s
LEFT OUTER JOIN ProductInfoTable AS t
ON s.item == t.item;


Below event is sent to ProductInputStream,

['Cake', 12.0]


After processing, the following events will be arriving at each stream:

  • ProductValidationStream: [Cake, false]
  • DiscountValidationStream: [Cake, 12.0, null, true, true, false, true, false]

Example 2 - Handling Attributes with Null Values

Assume that some events arrive with null values for the roomNo attribute, and you want to assign the value unknown in such scenarios.

The null handling query uses the inferred output stream of the previous query as the input stream. As a result, the changes made via this query are applied to the filtered data.

The null handling query uses the ifThenElse function to assign unknown as the value for the roomNo attribute when it has a null value.



Part 1: The 'Southern wing room range filter' query will filter values using a regular expression. In this case, any roomNo starting with 'SOU' with some random characters plus a 'B' plus some random character will match the pattern, and the object that matches that expression will be sent to 'FilteredResultsStream'

Part 2: The query 'CleaningData' eliminates the deviceID property and any unnecessary white spaces


CREATE STREAM InputTempStream (deviceID long, roomNo string, temp double);

CREATE SINK FilteredResultsStream WITH (type='stream', stream='FilteredResultsStream', map.type='json') (deviceID long, roomNo string, temp double);

CREATE SINK CleansedDataStream WITH (type='stream', stream='CleansedDataStream', map.type='json') (roomNo string, temp double);

@info(name = 'Southern wing room range filter')
INSERT INTO FilteredResultsStream
SELECT deviceID, roomNo, temp
FROM InputTempStream[regex:matches('SOU(.*)B(.*)', roomNo)];

@info(name = 'AddingMissingValues')
INSERT INTO CleansedDataStream
SELECT ifThenElse(roomNo is null, "UNKNOWN", str:trim(roomNo)) as roomNo, temp
FROM FilteredResultsStream;