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Data Transformation Examples

This page explains ways to transform your data.

The stream processor allows you to perform a wide range of transformations to the input data received. The transformations are carried out via operators that are defined inline within the stream worker.

Transform Data Using Operators

The operators that you can configure inline within stream workers in order to carry out data transformations are listed in the Stream Query Guide.

To show how an inline operators are configured, consider an example where readings from a sensor that indicates the temperature of a room every second are transformed to indicate the average temperature and the average humidity as at each second.

@App:description("Calculate an average temperature of the room")

-- Define the input stream. Each event indicates the device ID, the room number, and the temperature.
CREATE STREAM TempStream (deviceID long, roomNo int, temp double);

-- Define the output stream that will receive the average temperature of each incoming message in the TempStream.
CREATE SINK OutputStream WITH (type='stream', stream='OutputStream', map.type='json') (roomNo int, avgTemp double);

-- Calculate average temp, group by room number, and insert into OutputStream.
INSERT INTO OutputStream
SELECT roomNo, avg(temp) AS avgTemp
FROM TempStream
GROUP BY roomNo;

Math and Logical Operations

This example shows the use of math or logical operations on events.


CREATE STREAM TemperatureStream (sensorId string, temperature double);

CREATE SINK FilteredResultsStream WITH (type='stream', stream='FilteredResultsStream', map.type='json')(sensorId string, approximateTemp double);

@info(name = 'celsiusTemperature')

-- Converts Celsius value into Fahrenheit
INSERT INTO FahrenheitTemperatureStream
SELECT sensorId, (temperature * 9 / 5) + 32 AS temperature
FROM TemperatureStream;

@info(name = 'Overall-analysis')
-- Calculate approximated temperature to the first digit
INSERT INTO events into OverallTemperatureStream
SELECT sensorId, math:floor(temperature) AS approximateTemp
FROM FahrenheitTemperatureStream;

@info(name = 'RangeFilter')
-- Filter out events where `-2 < approximateTemp < 40`
INSERT INTO FilteredResultsStream
FROM OverallTemperatureStream[ approximateTemp > -2 and approximateTemp < 40];


Below event is sent to TemperatureStream:

['SensorId', -17]


After processing, the following events arrive at each stream:

  • FahrenheitTemperatureStream: ['SensorId', 1.4]
  • OverallTemperatureStream: ['SensorId', 1.0]
  • NormalTemperatureStream: ['SensorId', 1.0]

Transform JSON

This example shows transforming JSON objects within a stream worker.

CREATE STREAM InputStream(jsonString string);

-- Transforms JSON string to JSON object that can then be manipulated
INSERT INTO PersonalDetails
SELECT json:toObject(jsonString) AS jsonObj
FROM InputStream;

INSERT INTO OutputStream
SELECT jsonObj,
-- Get the `name` element(string) form the JSON
json:getString(jsonObj,'$.name') AS name,

-- Validate if `salary` element is available
json:isExists(jsonObj, '$.salary') AS isSalaryAvailable,

-- Stringify the JSON object
json:toString(jsonObj) AS jsonString
FROM PersonalDetails;

-- Set `salary` element to `0` is not available
INSERT INTO PreprocessedStream
SELECT json:setElement(jsonObj, '$', 0f, 'salary') AS jsonObj
FROM OutputStream[isSalaryAvailable == false];

Transform JSON Input

Below event is sent to InputStream:

"name" : "streamworker.user",
"address" : {
"country": "USA"
"contact": "+9xxxxxxxx"

Transform JSON Output

After processing, the following events arrive.


"address": {


"name" : "streamapp.user",
"salary": 0.0,
"address" : {
"country": "USA"
"contact": "+9xxxxxxxx"