I made my ‘bones’ in my professional life in the Bay Area, I am an engineer at heart. I was lucky enough to work with some of the smartest engineers early in my career and, as fate would have it, I eventually ended up in manufacturing IT.

It was the early days of RDBMS and client/server computing. That job gave me a great opportunity to dive into emerging trends. My inner entrepreneur eventually led me to IT consulting and into the dawn of the internet. I had the fortune of working in the very early days of Netflix (before there even was a Netflix). I had a great time... until the dotcom bust happened. I got away from the fast-paced startup life and relocated to Atlanta. We had young children and I got back into the more predictable pace of IT consulting.

The consulting ride was wonderful, but the travel was wearing me down. Our children were growing up too fast. Yet again, I changed course and took an amazing opportunity in a leadership role at a premier American fashion retailer. Over eight very exciting years, I built a team of 200, built an engineering culture, explored and introduced new technologies, and I decided to retire in 2017. Or so I thought... until I was presented with an opportunity to work at a leading lady’s intimate apparel retailer.

I was introduced to Macrometa in March 2020 (what a time THAT was). I met Chetan Venkatesh at a web conference and there was an immediate chemistry. We both had a passion for technology, and before I knew it, I started missing the fast-paced days of the Bay Area. Over the past year, I gave a lot of thought about what I was doing. Just like in other exciting times in my life, I recognized that it was time to make a change.

I reached out to Chetan to hear if he had ideas/suggestions that might interest me. I not only wanted to work in technology, I wanted to get back into the fast-paced world of IT delivering real business value. I visited the Macrometa office in late January. Spending time with Chetan and the team convinced me that Macrometa was where I needed to be. Macrometa reminded me of the early days of Netflix – a small group of visionary people wanting to disrupt the status quo. Over the past year, I had developed an appreciation for Macrometa and how it could be the next-gen enabler for IT to deliver ground-breaking solutions at breakneck speed.

So here I am – excited to be amongst very smart technologists/engineers again, working at warp speed. Captain, I’m ready for launch.

Apr 26, 2022

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